Jose Ignacio, Uruguay: A Celebrity Paradise

Tucked away on the Atlantic Coast of Uruguay, the charming town of José Ignacio has become one of South America’s most exclusive tourist destinations over the last three decades. Its serene beaches, shabby chic aesthetic, and carefree elegance have attracted a host of international celebrities, each contributing to the town’s unique allure. One of the […]

Strolling through José Ignacio Uruguay

Perhaps you are from that group of people who is not very attracted by the hectic life of downtown Punta del Este or the exclusive glamor of La Barra. If your thing is to relax in a super quiet but equally beautiful place, José Ignacio is for you. And these are the things you cannot […]

Surf, Turf and Wines in José Ignacio, Uruguay

Uruguay’s beaches are known as some of the best in South America, but its interior landscapes full of ranches, lush vegetation and rolling wine lands are not surprising despite not being explored as much as of now. Uruguay is a country of only 3,5 million inhabitants that has been positioned at number 14 in the […]