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Private jets offer one of the most comfortable flying experiences.

If you are tired of waiting in lines at the airports and want to have the time at your leisure when traveling, private flights to Punta del Este are a good option.

In recent years, the use of private flights has become increasingly common in Latin America. This is due, in part, to the increase in wealth in the region and the proliferation of private jet charter companies that offer their users comfort and speed, as well as an exclusive travel experience.

The pandemic also gave this business a boost since private flights were the solution to avoid risks of contagion and travel more safely. In 2021, this type of flight from Argentina to Punta del Este increased by 200%.

Without a doubt, private jets offer one of the most comfortable flying experiences. For starters, they allow you to choose your flight time, board in less than 30 minutes and thus avoid long security lines at the airport. On the other hand, your luggage travels safely and you save yourself the eternal wait on the baggage carousels while you see one suitcase after another go by. As if that were not enough, they provide you with a large number of luxuries such as leather seats, flat screen televisions, Internet connection or gourmet kitchens and, if you have pets, you can travel with them as a member of the family.

If you are thinking of coming to Punta del Este, do not hesitate to evaluate this option. You may think that it is very expensive, but the cost of a private flight in Latin America is less than in other places. The smallest flights, with five or six passengers, from Argentina to Uruguay cost around $5000, and the largest, with capacity for more than 10 people, cost between $15.000 and $20.000.

If not, you can take advantage of the “empty leg” tickets; These are the seats that remain empty when the plane must return to Buenos Aires and they are much cheaper.

Once you have decided that you are going to travel on a private flight to Punta del Este, you have to define what type of plane you will do it on. Here we provide you with some tips to make that decision.

Light and midsize jets, like the Embraer Phenom 300, Nextant 400XTi, and Citation XLS, for example, seat four to eight people. Because they are smaller, faster and more efficient, they are interesting for small groups on flights of two to three hours.

Super-midsize and large cabin jets, like the Legacy 600 or Challenger 350, are a good option for a larger number of passengers, up to 13 people. With these aircraft models it is possible to make trips of five to six hours, without stops.

Another option is transcontinental-range jets – including the Bombardier Challenger 850 and the Gulfstream G650 – which are suitable for long-haul flights, larger groups and corporate travel.

In addition, there are also models of turboprop aircraft, such as the Caravan, Pilatus or King Air, which, despite their lower operating speeds, have a robust construction and are reliable and efficient.

You may be wondering where to look for these types of flights. As we said at the beginning, flight rental companies have proliferated.

flyzar, one of the oldest in the business, offers seven planes for all categories and even helicopters. The smallest carries six passengers and the largest 14.

But you have other options where to find out how Royal ClassAeromasSouth American jetsprivate jetspraise o Noble Air charter, the latter if you travel from Miami to Uruguay.

This booming trend also triggered the creation of the Uruguayan company Infinity Aviation that provide an excellent service in the attention of executive flights, special missions and VIP clients and that also have a training center for pilots and professionals for the aeronautical industry.

Therefore, if you think that time is money and you want to prioritize the safety and comfort of your trip, choose a private flight.

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